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万圣节习俗介绍英文版   Children in costumes race from house to house asking for treats. A carved pumpkin, called a jack-o’-lantern, grins from a porch as the children pass. According to legend, jack-o’-lanterns protect people in their homes from ghostly spirits.   It’s all part of the fun on Halloween! The roots of Halloween stretch back thousands of years and borrow customs from several parts of the world.   WHAT IS HALLOWEEN?   Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31. By tradition, Halloween begins after sunset. Long ago, people believed that witches gathered together and ghosts roamed the world on Halloween. Today, most people no longer believe in ghosts and witches. But these supernatural beings are still a part of Halloween.   The colors black and orange are also a part of Halloween. Black is a symbol for night and orange is the color of pumpkins. A jack-o’-lantern is a hollowed-out pumpkin with a face carved on one side. Candles are usually placed inside, giving the face a spooky glow.   DRESSING IN COSTUMES   Dressing in masks and costumes is a popular Halloween activity. Costumes can be traditional and scary, such as a witch’s pointy hat and black gown. Costumes may also have a modern flavor. Many children dress up as movie characters or a favorite superhero.   But Halloween is not just for children. Many adults enjoy showing off their costumes at Halloween parties!   TRICK-OR-TREATING   Once in costume, children go from house to house saying “Trick or treat!” In the past, children might play a “trick” on people who did not give treats. They might pelt houses with eggs or old tomatoes, or play other pranks. Today, children’s cries of “Trick or treat!” are usually rewarded with candy.   HOW HALLOWEEN GOT STARTED   One of the oldest Halloween traditions comes from the ancient Celts, who lived in western and central Europe long ago. The Celts celebrated a holiday    y called Samhain on October 31. After sunset that day, people believed that spirits of the dead would rise and walk the earth. The Celts made offerings of food and drink to keep the spirits away.    Beginning about 2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire conquered many Celtic peoples. But Celtic traditions, including Samhain, remained strong in areas such as Ireland and Scotland, even after the Roman conquest.    The Roman Catholic Church tried to replace Samhain in 835 with All Saints’ Day, a day to honor saints of the Church. The eve of All Saints’ Day is October 31. It is called Allhallows or Hallowmas by the Church.    HOW DID HALLOWEEN COME TO AMERICA?    Halloween first came to America with early settlers from Celtic areas in Europe, such as Ireland and Scotland. But other American settlers with strict religious beliefs, including the Puritans from England, rejected Halloween. The arrival of many Irish immigrants during the 1800s helped spread Halloween’s popularity.   But by the late 1800s, fewer people believed in ancient superstitions of ghosts and witches. Halloween became more a holiday for children to receive treats and dress in costume.






2、I am …years old, born in province/Beijing, northeast/southeast/southwest…… of china, and I am currently a freshman(大一新生)/sophomore(大二学生)/junior(大三学生)/senior(大四学生) student at Capital Institute of Physical Education.


3、My major is sports training of basketball/voellyball/football/badminton/pingbang/tennis/


4、In the past 1/2/3 years, I spend most of my time on study. I have passed CET3/4/6 and I have acquired basic knowledge of sports training both in theory and in practice.


5、Besides, I have attended several sports meetings held in Beijing. I am also the volunteers of China Tennis Open, Chinese Badminton Masters…… . Through these I have a deeply understanding of my major—sports training.


6、I have lots of interest, such as singing, dancing, drawing and so on.


7、Thank you!



Teachers,good afternoon. Allow me to briefly talk about myself.

My name is - Xianning graduated from the south gate of the private secondary schools. Tourism now studying at the school in Hubei Province. Studying hotel management professional.

I was a character,cheerful girl,so my hobbies is extensive. Sporty. In my spare time likes playing basketball, table tennis,volleyball,skating. When a person like the Internet at home,or a personal stereo. Not like too long immersed in the world of books,and family members have told me,Laoyijiege is the best. Talking about my family,then I will talk about my family has. Only three people my family , my grandmother , grandfather and my own.

My grandfather is a engineer,I am very severely on peacetime,the Church me a lot. Grandma is a very kindly for the elderly,care for my life in every possible way. Therefore,I have no parents in their care,childhood and growth were full of joy. I like this hotel management professional,because I like to live in a strict order of the management environment.

I have my professional self-confidence and hope,as long as the efforts will be fruitful,this is my motto. Since I chose this profession,I will follow this path,effort,perseverance path. Thank you teachers. I finished presentation.


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Now ,It's my turn. My name is Edgar, a high school student. I am very honored to be here to give you a speech. Also it's a good chance for me to improve my English. I hope I can make a good performance today. The topic of my speech is “After studying here”.

Before I came here,I can never imagine that I can learn so much knowledge about other countries, which can't be got from my books in school. Three months ago, I took my first class. Unfortunately, I felt so embarrassed, because I even can't speak any words, though I know I really love English .

After that, I took some of my tutor's advice and previewed the lesson that I'll learn. What's more, In every class, I JUST try my best to say as much as possible. Now,I can only remember It's a really hard time. What's worse, I had to go to my high school and went there at the same time.

After several weeks, I began to get used to the atmosphere in web .At least I'm not afraid to speak in front of my tutor and foreign teachers.

During web's period,I found I had improved a lot, both physically and mentally. For example, how to be a confident person, how to plan for my future. And the most important is that I have learnt how to communicate with others, which is a necessary skill. Nowadays studying is not the only thing that we high school students should do, there are some more important things we have ignored.